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Produced by the Peerless Model Airplane Co.
Only a few tether car manufacturers produced the smaller Class A cars prior to World War II; but of those that did, the Peerless car was the most successful from the standpoint of sales.

The Peerless car was well-engineered, and when equipped with a Forster .29 (or similar) spark ignition engine, it proved to be a very competitive Class A race car.

The Peerless car featured a cast aluminum frame, a complete drive unit with a cast aluminum case, and Peerless Track Grip Wheels which became available for the car shortly after its introduction.

The car was sold as a Deluxe Model with an all-aluminum body for $15.00 less engine and batteries.  It was also available as a Standard Model with a pre-formed balsa wood body for $12.50 less engine and batteries.

Both the polished Deluxe Model and the painted Standard Model shown in the photos are powered by Forster .29 spark ignition engines.

Peerless also sold the gear drive assembly and the Track Grip Wheels separately, and these components found their way onto many home-built Class A cars.