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Swedish Tegstrom Mite
Hand hammered steel body, built by Rudolph Tegstrom, 1946  Swedish 2.5 cc national champion, Rogstadius engine

English Rail Mite
English Oliver Tiger
As in the United States, mite car racing enjoyed a fair amount of popularity in other countries after World War II.

Mite cars in Europe were typically powered by small diesel engines while mite cars in other countries utilized glow engines.

As in the US, most mite cars in other countries  were raced on tether tracks.  However,  mite car racing on rail tracks which resembled road race circuits was quite popular in England.  Those small diesel powered British rail mites served as the forerunners of modern electric powered slot cars.
Home-built rail car, aluminum plate chassis, steerable front wheels, hand carved wood body, Frog 150 diesel engine

Designed and produced by John Oliver, circa 1951, powered by an Oliver Tiger 2.5 cc twin-shaft diesel engine

Japanese Dat Midget
One of only three originally built by Jiro Shimatani, powered by a Fuji .09 engine

Japanese New Datsun
Australian Hawthan Mite
Designed, built and raced by Jiro Shimatani, 1948 Japanese national champion,  OS .60 spark ignition engine

Designed, built and raced by Claude Hawthan, hand formed aluminum top, powered by an OS Pet .099 engine  

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