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Babcock Rail-Mite
Designed and built by John Babcock
Arguably the most successful mite car built to race on high-banked rail tracks, the Babcock Rail-Mite was designed and built by John Babcock with one goal in mind; to win the first IMRCA national mite rail championships scheduled for July 16, 1950 at the newly constructed San Jose Model Speedway.  The San Jose track was an exceptionally smooth four-rail, 1/12th mile track which was the fastest rail track in the country at that time.

The Babcock Rail-Mite featured a low-slung cast aluminum body and was powered by a McCoy .19 engine with spur-gear drive.  The cars were available in kit form less engine, wheels, tires and fuel tank for $12.00.   A finished car, complete with a McCoy .19 engine and ready to race, was available for $47.50.

Unfortunately, a Babcock Rail-Mite did not win the 1950 mite rail championship race, but the red #3 car (owned by Bob Diekmann) was proxied by Babcock's friend Curly Glover to a 3rd place finish in the event.

Several modified versions of the car have featured a wood body and an external fuel tank (the black & cream #8 car); a later one-piece design front rail guide mount (the polished #61 car); and bevel-gear drive replacing the original spur-gear drive unit ( the polished #9 car).