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Davis-Carlson Mite
Produced by Milton "Red" Davis and John Carlson 
The collaboration of Milton "Red" Davis and John Carlson produced what is arguably the most successful mite car of its era;  the Davis-Carlson Mite.  The cars featured cast aluminum pans and a separate two-piece gearbox.  Only two dozen Davis-Carlson Mites were originally produced, most powered with either Hornet .199 or Dooling .29 engines.  Later, as parts for Hornet .199 and Dooling .29 engines became scarce and as more powerful engines were developed, several Davis-Carlson Mite owners replaced their original engines with Super Tigre .19s and .29s.

As evidence of the success of the Davis-Carlson Mite, the AMRCA .29 Mite Class record of 129.81 mph was set by John Carlson with a Dooling .29 powered D-C Mite in 1962.  That record still stands today.  In addition, D-C Mites dominated both the .29 Mite Class and the .19 Mite Class at the AMRCA National Championship races for over 20 years.

The D-C Mite shown in the top photos is John Carlson's personal Hornet .199 powered car.  This car placed 1st in its class at the 1960 Nationals, 3rd in its class in 1961, and 1st in its class in 1962.  

The red #8 Dooling .29 powered car of 10-year old Doug Shirley was 1st in the .29 Mite Class at the 1967 Nationals.  And the other red Dooling .29 powered D-C Mite of Ken Reiser placed 3rd in the .29 Mite Class at the 1959 Nationals, 1st in its class in 1960, and again 1st in its class in 1961.